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What is Note Hub?

Note-Hub is a web‐based system designed primarily to assist university students to watch recorded lectures, take notes online synchronously with video, download notes and share them with other colleagues. Note-Hub includes a variety of functionality and features such as share notes with others. interaction between users to follow each other, rating notes, likes, and comments.

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What you can do with your account on Note Hub?

Watch online vedio and write notes

By entering the video link you want, you can watch the video on the site and write your notes.

Follow other users

By following others who post the content that you are interested in, you can benefit from the site better.


You can give ratings for abstracts published by others. This helps users get the best abstracts always.


Do you feel frustrated while watching a long video for your lectures or anything else?

Did you waste your energy?

You must hate the thought of wasting hours watching long period videos to search for specific information, using our website you can read the video summary in minutes.

Are you overwhelmed?

The thought of watching all your accumulated lecture videos is overwhelming and you're ready to give up, we can help..

Discover Note-Hub

Embed a video
Write notes in sync with video
Search for notes
Post notes or keeps it as draft
Download notes
Comment and Interact with other users

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